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Jameson Baldwin is a Hot Celebrity Daughter of the Day

When it comes to the Baldwins or at least the products of nepotism that the Baldwin sperm has made in the pussies of seemingly hotter pussy….we know the two main players…

We’ve got the Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec who is most known for being called a pig by Alec, back when he used his anger to abuse little kids and not to shoot people on set accidentally / allegedly…

She is not a pile of slop just because she looks like she is, in fact she’s now pregnant, which can justify her outrageous size…a size that came stock with massive tits but do you really care when the rest of her is a fucking mental case disaster…YES WE FUCKING DO….Bring them titties MOMMA….is she lactating yet?

We’ve got Hailey Baldwin, who in a way stole the spotlight from Ireland, because Ireland came to the scene first and was playing a beachy babe who was dating some surfer bro, when she was younger, fresher, and less of a dumpy pile of now pregnant, prison tattooed giant tits….

Hailey followed the Jenners around like a lost puppy, hoping someone would notice, luckily for her Bieber noticed and despite failing as an instagram model, she could fulfill her fantasies of mattering and just the other day was playing into the NEPO BABY trend, pretending that people give a fuck about her due to STEPHEN BALDWIN….who?….EXACTL…trying to play it up anything to attribute her new found success to being married to the number one pop star of a generation….GROUPIES GONNA GROUPIE TO THE TOP…..

Well, there’s another Baldwin, this time a skinny one with tits, she’s from the lesser known, or lesser successful Baldwin, who is actually pretty embarrassing on Twitter last I saw….BILLY BALDWIN….the star of what would be straight to DVD if DVDs were a thing, or straight to STREAMING before STREAMING featured legit talent….he’s a real fucking loser of a Baldwin which is why I like him the best….

Anyway, he knocked up Chynna Phillips, of Wilson Phillips fame…HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY…..



So yeah, Chynna Phillips, daughter of the Mamas and the Papas main players….is still MARRIED to William Baldwin, who knew since no one cares, which is probably better than her half sister Bijou married to Danny Masterson, or her other sister Mackenzie who is of the fucking wall and claimed to fuck their dad….

Anyway, they have 22 year old daughter and she’s hot…THE ONLY BALDWIN COUSIN to matter…..

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