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Noah Cyrus Tries To Get Noticed of the Day

Noah Cyrus is at fashion week, or at least what I assume is fashion week, the last thing I do is pay attention to when fashion weeks are because I’m basically homeless and think this shit is all a cash grab scam targeted at idiots with too much money, or too much to try to prove….DON’T FALL FOR IT…

But when you’re the kind of person with access to these events, coupled with being a person who wants to get noticed for being their own person instead of a sidenote on their sister’s wikipedia page, it’s a good opportunity to get noticed in ridiculous fashionable outfits.

It’s almost like trolling, but with tits out, because people notice tits, so Noah Cyrus has realized this basic human intinct and is owning the troll….with her tits.

Yesterday she posted a A SHEER DRESS – TIT VISIBLE today….tit basically out….

Fashion…what a joke, but idiots fall for it…It’s just unfortunate that her tits are shit and I know what you’re thinking, all tits are tits, they don’t need to be created equally to warrant being stared at, which is precisely why I am doing this dumpy unimpressive titty post, but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect better or more out of a tit when it’s born and raised in wealth, celebrity and luxury, even if it’s more of the “eat with the servants”, keep her in the basement or back garden shed, in the shadows and out of the way from their star, you’d want better tits.

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