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Dove Cameron in Pink Posing with Robots of the Day

If they dystopian future terrifies you, knowing that you’ll be living in pods, eating bugs, basically restricted in your movement, given social credit tokens you can use to buy porn or junk food for good behavior, policed by those boston robotics dogs people think are so cute because they haven’t realized they are being built to turn on them, while the elite live in their palaces, able to travel the world to all the great places that are no longer populated by us, the slave class…

Well, here’s Dove Cameron, who is a creepy Disney kid I assume is human trafficked or mind controlled, because she consistently creeps me out, even if she’s skinny in her tight pink dress, tits pushed up and face looking like it wants to eat your soul……posing with a delivery robot….the future is now motherfucker…RUN….go OFF grid….BUNKER yourself…or stare at tits on screen mindlessly while everything around you collapses…

Either way, babes and robots, nerd shit….

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