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Whitney Cummings Spread Legged in the Pool of the Day

I am not a fan of Whitney Cummings comedy, the only thing interesting about her is her last name really, or that she didn’t fully thought on comedy and stopped withe COME, because you can’t spell women comedy without COME, that should be a meme no one understands, right…..

But I’ll break it down to you….she’s had mainstream success, which means she’s rich but that doesn’t mean she’s good, funny, interesting, talented or interesting, it just means that she’s been able to convince some people that she is, and through marketing they’ve been able to convince the mass mainstream audience that she is, because the general population are morons and laugh only because of laugh tracks, not knowing what they are laughing at.

So in being an attention seeking whore comic, I’ll assume she sucked the right dicks in the comedy circuit, it worked, so let her remind all the girls out there with a dream that despite the METOO movement, sucking dick works, and if you WANT to do it, it’s not METOO and can still get you ahead, but in this era, you just have to be VERY convincing that you’ll never turn that BJ into a media opportunity down the road….

And in being an attention seeking cumming dumpster from the COME industry, since she’s a real player in the COME industry, they’ve even given her TV SHOWS people….REAL DEAL NETWORK TV shows…..

Spreading her legs is just part of the process….


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