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Whitney Cummings Funny Tits in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t like funny girls…especially when they aren’t funny to begin with and just joke around about sucking dick and dating…..and the struggles of being a woman…with a dirty fucking mouth because they are pandering to women who can relate….and dudes who like staring at their tits.

I don’t like funny anything really….I don’t like stand up comedy. I don’t like sitcoms. I don’t like comedy movies. I find it all so fucking stupid and not funny.

I don’t like people who pride themselves on being funny, or who have decided they are funny and have made a life out of being funny, when I am too autistic to understand their jokes.

I do like tits, and Whitney Cummings, possibly a failed actress, who chose comedy because it’s easy target, low barrier of entry, comedians who are the patriarchy are easy to manipulate with tits….and so am I….

She is rich as hell…thanks to a few hit shows….and she has tits…which is really what matters.


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Whitney Cummings Topless in the Bath in Blackface Making More Racist Jokes that Roseanne of the Day

Whitney Cummings TIts in the Bath

Whitney Cummings is a not so interesting story, of a girl who I assume wanted to be a serious actress but never made it as one, so she decided to do comedy, because she knew she’d be able to manipulate and keep up with the funny guys, because she knew she was always the hot funny girl in her group of friends, and the hot funny girl is likeable especially when comics are notoriously insecure losers who can’t get laid…

So she climbed the ranks, talking shit, and managed to seduce the right people to buy into her, thanks to having tits, and for that reason alone, she’s produced a ton of hit shows, and is rich as fuck.

Sure you can argue she’s talented or has a great stage presence or that her comedy is good…but I don’t know any of her jokes, I’ve never heard her stand up, I find comedy as whole dumb as fuck, seeing a bunch of losers rehearse jokes to make people laugh, like the sole purpose is to make people laugh, is way too much effort, way too try hard, and way to weird for me to fuck with….

But I will say, I am sure her jokes are basic as fuck, accessible as fuck, maybe a little off color and quirky, but ultimately…I doubt they are revolutionary or interesting – but the tits…the tits so exciting…the tits is the real reason she exists…I’m sure of it.

Give a nerd some attention, he’s signing over his life to you, or at least bringing you on to produce shows for him….

Hot girls, or girls who position themselves as hot, go far in life.

So Roseanne, a Comedian who didn’t use her looks to get ahead, back before hot chicks did comedy and her look was expected, because what else is a fat who chick who likes to perform to do besides be funny… can’t get away with calling black people apes….but CUMMINGS can do blackface….seems a little biased…right?

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Whitney Cummings in a Bikini of the Day

Whitney Cummings in a striped bikini on a boat

Whitney Cummings sucked a lot of dick in her quest to be a star actress – that ended up in Comedy becuase she was shameless, funny, silly, opinionated, a cunt, a dirt bag, who knows…she like other female Comedians who don’t look like dudes, but who have a bit of sex appeal are all on that “came to LA to make it, did stand up cuz comedians are lame as fuck and being a hot chick with lame as fuck dudes who think they are funny so much that they practice telling jokes to a mirror when not standing in front of a room of losers who think comedy is worth watching…is an easy sell”….a sell that made her a fuck ton of money as a producer…allowing her golden years of sex appeal, pre menopause to be spend getting sloppy on a boat in a bikini….good times…great times…TIMES…

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Whitney Cumming Very Rich in a Bikini of the Day

Whitney Cumming is some clever marketer who understood that she wasn’t hot enough to be an actress, I mean, I am sure she is considering most actresses are fucking bunk, but I guess at the time it was harder to become an actor than to break into comedy as the funny girl who talked about sucking dick, long enough and with enough conviction in her deliver to allow her to develop or at least attach herself onto a few TV shows that all came out at the same time, and that took her out of touring the standup clubs and staying in shit hotels, to the life of luxury a girl who sucks dick and talks about sucking dick, in LA, nevertheless, the land of opportunity for the right dick sucker deserves…because you know getting a TV show isn’t that easy and requires a continuation of that dick sucking but made more transactional…ROMANCE…SUCCESS…BIKINI SELFIES on a FRIDAY for attention.

I like her because she’s not that fat.

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Whitney Cummings in a Bikini of the Day


Whitney Cummings pulled off a scam – she was an aspiring actor who couldn’t get work – so she jumped into comedy because you can pull off comedy when you have a pussy – without needing to be that funny.

I don’t like funny girls…especially when they aren’t funny to begin with and just joke around about sucking dick and dating…..because they are pandering to women who can relate and dudes who like staring at their tits.

I find it some try hard bullshit that is just marketed as funny because they slept with the right person…or because they have tits….and aren’t quite talented enough to make it outside of comedy…not quite hot enough to make it outside of comedy…but she was clever enough to take those cummings deposited in her to become a producer on a bunch of hit shows, so she’s rich as fuck, and living the good life in a bikini…that’s really not as bad as it could be…because luckily it’s not Amy Schumer…a monster doing the same hustle…being celebrated in GQ UK…but garbage…offensive…disgusting…as fuck….but loved by the media…god knows why….


Here’s Whitney Cummings….

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Whitney Cummings Ass Flash of the Day


Whitney Cummings is trying to get noticed again, I guess the only way she knows how, by doing the Chelsea Handler, I call it “the female comedian who wasn’t hot enough to be in movies but got famous anyway…because she thought she was funny and people are lazy and just believed her – especially dudes with money who make decisions and buy TV shows she writes after she gives head to them”…

She’s the brain behind 2 broke girls…who really just sucked dick for the actual writer who gave her a co-credit on it..because without her, there would be no show…it’s all thanks to her throat…and I guess her ass…

Do people care about her? Do people care about any Female comedians? Amy Schumer doesn’t count..her genitals don’t exist and is thus more farm animal than human…

I call this pic not quite hot enough to be a model or actress, but hotter than most comedians, here’s my ass to get noticed..I call is “Anal with Assholes to Pay the Mortgage cuz Married Execs love Anal”….

Fuck Whitney Cummings…she’ll let you if you can advance her career…

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Whitney Cummings Ass Flash of the Day


Whitney Cummings is one of the most overrated…generic potty mouthed but ot enough for people to pay attention to her, comedian….

She’s the Amy Schumer, if you’d want to fuck Amy Schumer…all interchangeable with their “slut” humor, something that is relevant now…talking about puking when sucking dick and being deemed genius…while dudes just stare at her tits…and women “relate to her” because what she says is “so true”…Fuck off funny girls…

Maybe I’m bitter, because I only like when girls laugh at my pathetic dick…

I guess the crazy thing in all this is that she turned her lame “roasting” and half assed humor into two TV shows…one called 2 Broke Girls…that is still on TV…and making her massive money so that she never has to work again….and all it took was working Hollywood for

that hit critical success a few years ago..executive producing multiple shows…because the best way to make it as an actor or as an exec is by being the hot girl in Comedy because you are too ugly to be the hot girl in regular acting….build that audience through laughs…not orgasms…and I guess that’s ok…

Especially, when she still pulls the “look at my ass”….even when rich from successful TV shows becuase it’s all she knows…and she’s still Whitney from the I’ll suck your dick to get ahead…

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Whitney Cummings Fat and Still Annoying of the Day


Whitney Cummings was the skinny, vain, obnoxious, annoying, not very funny, yet hot enough to book gigs, “comedian”….who ended up getting two shows…for her writing, because the entertainment industry is fucked…

The fact is that actual hot girls are getting acting jobs, without making jokes about being a girl, dealing with boners, and other relatable “dating” stories, that just suck….but since the market is women, worked…

It was a hook, she didn’t even have to be funny, but amongst the lesbians with asymetric haircut comedians, worked…plus lesbians don’t joke about sucking dick, which is the “fart joke”…of the generation….played out.

I assume now that she’s made it, now that she has money, now that she can afford to eat, she’s allowed herself to gain weight, you know grow into the tits that are the only reason she has a career…

And in being a fame whore, whore, who found her angle, she’s continued, like Chelsea Handler before her, by going to instagram with fame whore pics, to show off her new fat body, to make noise about herself, because now that she’s won…and is over winning, she’s gone back to making noise about herself…and she’s doing it by flashing her shitty fucking comedy ass..but it’s still an ass, and I am down with any fame whore, whether she’s rich and made it or not…

I call this series, not quite hot enough to be a model or actress, but hotter than most comedians, so it works….

Fuck Whitney Cummings…

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Whitney Cummings Drunken Ass Flash of the Day

I don’t like funny girls…especially when they aren’t funny to being with and just joke around about sucking dick and dating…..I find it some try hard bullshit that is just marketed as funny because they slept with the right person…or because they have tits….

So I’m really not into Whitney Cummings…despite the fact that people like her, think she’s great and shocking, but most importantly…think she’s hot…

It blows me away that she’s got two 2 shows running, making a ton of money, and her whole act is just obvious…

But I guess it is easy to get famous…..when you play the system properly…and by properly, I mean getting drunk and flashing her ass on social media…because at her core…she’s broken…sad…starving for attention…cuz she knows she’s a fucking hack…which makes her a little more appealing to me…despite how garbage, like a parasite on the asshole of comedy that I think she is….

If you look close enough, you can see her soul….

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Whitney Cummings Fucking Sucks of the Day

I hate Whitney Cummings….maybe it is because I hate female comedians, btu I think it is because I hate bitches who aren’t funny, but who look better than other female comedian, and used that and their throat to get work, and after 10 years of trying, eventually hooked up their own show….and I just have to say I had the misfortune of watching the Whitney Cummings TV show..and it was fucking shit, as expected, but the last few weeks I’ve been sitting on the leaked pics of the show, but refused to post them, because I didn’t want to draw attention to the hack, but at the same time, she’s doing what she knows, whoring and I’m sure the shit will be cancelled soon enough, so I’ll let my anger towards her out via hard jerking off, but I doubt she can get me hard, nurses outfit and all….cuz she is the fucking worst

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