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Jenna Dewan Attention Seeking Bikini Selfie of the Day

Jenna Dewan is the Channing Tatum back-up dancer who fucked her way onto the right a-list, probably homosexual, definitely gay for pay from his stripper roots which he turned into a money making magic mike movie franchise empire that she may get 50 percent of the royalties on, thanks to him being straight for the public appeal, knowing that Magic Mike would be far less appealing to the women into that sort of male stripper shit, who go nuts over that shit, if he was a poofter with AIDS who sucks dick in the back room for money….

So use the prop like the prop she is, and I guess that she continues to be because last I heard, she was out pregnant with another man at 40 years old, yet here she is producing weird porn on the internet with her broad shoulders, narrow hips and bathing suit bottoms pulled up to her neck.

IT’s a weird selfie, but she’s a weird celebrity, so I guess that makes sense….


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