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Jenna Dewan in a Bikini of the Day

Jenna Dewan Tatum see through white shirt

Jenna Dewan Tatum the pussy that Channing Tatum knocked up….in Health Magazine cuz she healthy…at least her

When I look at Jenna Dewan’s face I wonder if Channing Tatum realizes that every single girl in the free world want to have his baby…because I am gonna assume he doesn’t….cuz if he did…he wouldn’t have knocked this bitch up….but then again, she’s a pretty low level actor, and marrying dude and riding him, letting him do what he wants so she can live the best life she can for herself…letting him fuck whoever he wants because pick your battles…and focus on having that fit body because guys like fit bodies, so if she looks her best and fucks the best (she’s a dancer you know and dancers fuck), he won’t want to fuck all the mooches that want his dick…cuz what he has with this one is real…

I met a dude who was at one point his Agent, he told me he would go to their house to drop off scripts, to which he would be greeted by a naked Channing and Jenna – having a naked party – trying to recruit him into the naked party with them….cuz they are free spirited, living the rich hollywood life, an this is her photoshoot for some health magazine…

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Jenna Dewan Tatum’s See Through Shirt of the Day

Every girl is a feminist, even the ones that are perpetuating the patriarchy in starving themselves to meet some ideal that has been set for them, often times by other women, to not be fat pigs…and for some reason…are confusing being a fat big and empowered with feminism…when you’re just doing the same thing the skinny women are doing as they perpetuate the patriarchy…because that’s what you all want…the traditional sense or acceptance as being a hot chick…not a healthy or happy or successful or fulfilled chick…but a hot chick….and they think shifting the social norm to think hot chicks are defined differently than they were is not just perpetuating objectifying themselves…idiots..

But when feminism presents itself in fashion, by not wearing bras, by showing their nipples, as a Feminist, I celebrate them….but mainly as a pervert because this nipples out thing doesn’t progress shit, but it gives me tit to jerk off to…

I once met Channing Tatum’s manager or agent in a bar, he told me that when he used to bring him scripts at his house, he’d be having “naked” parties with this woman he ended up marrying and knocking up….and he’d try to get the agent in on it with them…and as someone who likes nudity….looking at the nipple of someone who likes being nude…I’m just mad she’s not walking out mom pussy forward…exposed…and flapping in the wind…what a cunt…unfortunately…not literally.

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Jenna Dewan Intensely Kisses Her Trashy Mom of the Day

This almost feels weird to stare at…

I mean I guess Texan trash…even with all that Texan money has the ability to look like it just fell out of an 80s movie…with teased hair and a bad dye job…filled with corn casserole…that may be served in a mansion but where the recipe was developed back in the trailer park she grew up in…

I’d say this intense kiss is just how the family does it…making me think a paternity test is in order…cuz just cuz she says it is Channing Tatum’s doesn’t mean it is….for all we know the real daddy could be her daddy…cuz if a non lesbian pregnant woman like this gets down to momma…I just can’t imagine how a cock hungry….proven by her uterus…girl gets down with daddy….

The weirdest thing in all this is just how much it is turnin’ me on….

It’s ok to love your momma…just as long as you document it for me to masturabte to it….I grew up on 70s porn…incest was kind of a recurring theme…

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Jenna Dewan’s Pregnant Bikini Body Kissing Channing Tatum of the Day

If Gossip Girl star, married to Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan didn’t turn you on before…you know when she barely mattered on Gossip Girl…and hand very few other jobs in her acting career….and her biggest accomplishment was luring in Channing Tatum and forcing him to cum in her, marry her, and forever be hers, like a typical bratty celebrity cunt….making them the Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr of their generation or some shit….

Then she won’t turn you on now, cuz she’s pregnant and kissing her male stripping husband on the beach…

But I got a thing for bikinis…that forces me to post this filthy, gross, there’s a human growing inside her, smut….even though I hate it.

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Jenna Dewan Almost an Upskirt, Dress in the Wind of the Day

Her name is Jenna Dewan, she’s been in a handful of B-Movies, although she’s probably more D-Rated….She is married to some dude named Channing Tatum, who is apparently some actor in a whole lot of movies targeted to horny teen girls….and the only thing interesting about her, other than her white dress fighting with the wind, is that she has a history of being a dancer…

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Jenna Dewan Showing of her Legs of the Day

Who the fuck is this bitch and why am I posting pictures of her legs? I don’t have the answer to that question, that’s why I am turning to you. Not that I actually give a fuck about what you think…I don’t even give a fuck about what I think…I just know I saw legs and went for it..I didn’t even bother looking her up on wikipedia….ohhhhh dis…..at least in the geek world I live in and I’ll just leave it at that…cuz I just realized I run a fucking website and that humilates me.

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Jenna Dewan Bikini Pictures of the Day

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I don’t know who this bitch is but I do know that she’s in a bikini. I didn’t look too closely at the pictures so I don’t know if she’s worth fucking and the truth is that all vagina is worth fucking. We are all part of God’s flock and that makes each and every one of us beautiful in our own way.

I am running a little behind schedule of all the great things I have planned today, like sitting on my couch. Watching my friend the spider make a nest in the corner of my living room and then watch Youtube dance videos to practice my moves so I become the star of every wedding, bar mitzvah and sweet sixteen I get invited to, which to date have been none, but you can never be too ready.

Word on the internet is that his Jenna Dewan chick is a dance instructor or professional dancer or some shit and with a body like that, I am sure she’s had a solid career as the entertainment at some all inclusive club that I am not on right now, where the local girls dance like fucking pornstars and bend down with their asses in the air for the local dudes to mount them and hump them for everyone to see from every fuckin’ angle, grinding harder then I grind my teeth at night when I get nervous while I try to chime in with my mocking moves that offend the locals because I can’t dance if I wanted to all in hopes of getting some tight spanish ass up against my crotch….

* Access to material has been disabled in compliance with DMCA *

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