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Jenna Dewan Attention Seeking of the Day

In some totally uninteresting news, Jenna Dewan, a dancer or back-up dancer who probably always wanted to be at the front of the stage, but never quite got there, so she instead got knocked up by Channing Tatum, which was good enough, probably lucrative enough too, since he made a fortune off his Magic Mike empire…..a fortune she was likely entitled to 50 percent of since she helped him coordinate his faggot dances for the faggots that that propaganda about male stripping, since it leaves out the real way they make money, sucking dick, or letting dick be sucked by the DUDES who are in attendance….it’s a hustle..

She’s gone onto have another kid with another man like a whore would, but more importantly, she’s posting up bikini selfies, like a whore would, despite being too old for this shit, cuz clearly she thinks she’s hot and wants to get jerked off to like the olden days, since she’s old…

I don’t mind documenting desperation, it’s kinda what I do.


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