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Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day

I am a firm believer that the satanic agenda is trying to get the normies, easily convinced, half retards who are getting experimental gene therapy, rocking flags of countries they don’t care about, cutting off their titties, dicks and shemalin’ it….when you’re an outsider, a reclusive agoraphobic who has been locked away in my own bubble for decades, it’s fucking weird to see everyone on the same script…..

It’s almost like they have mind controlling parasites in their brain….it’s almost like you’d get those parasites from eating shit….it’s almost like they’ve marketed the asshole, which is otherwise a pretty gross, disease ridden hole, as some coveted glorious hole in the bathroom stall of the truck stop….

So the thong, clearly part of that asshole and feces propaganda, since it is inefficient at covering the asshole, almost like they want this to be a thing, underwear that doesn’t cover assholes, what a fucking thing…

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