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Ashley Benson Hot Cured Lesbian Thanks to Sausage of the Day

It’s always hilarious when lesbians get mad at you for saying that you’ll cure them of their lesbianism with your cock….

It’s like a hit on their belief that being a lesbian is a fucking choice, since they are wired to fuck dudes to make babies to keep our species alive and the whole lesbian thing goes totally against our survival as a society, maybe it’s because they are sacrificing their breeding for population control, like heroes they are, into the whole eating pussy cuz men have cooties as a gesture of saving the world, or maybe their meds, the dirty tap water and the shit they spray them with while the media shits this shit down our throats is part of it….I’m not a doctor, I don’t know….

I just know that Benson has been cured of her lesbianism thanks to Billionaire Brandon Davis of Lohan Fire Crotch fame, and his rich dude seed has been giving her the hormonal balance to turn her into the hottest she’s been in a long time…no longer a dumpy dyke with the sloppy tits hating cock…but rather a sperm filled cock lover the way she was born to be…..

Because I guess dudes who say “I’ll cure you of lesbianism with this cock” have a point, because some lesbians just need a little cock for that conversion therapy!

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