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Renee Olstead’s Big Bolt Ons In Action of the Day

Renee Olstead is one of those girls who sells nudes on the internet and you wonder how that happened…..

It’s not like selling nudes is a terrible thing to do, I don’t care about that shit on a moral level, I get that it’s easy money.

I just find it weird that she was a celebrity, working on a TV show at some point in her life, only to hop right into the peddling of nudes….

I have to assume she was molested as a kid, or the industry made her feel like a commodity and this is the easiest way to get money out of her bolt ons, and it’s just not the natural way this normally unfolds….they sell the nudes because they aren’t able to get on TV, not after they’ve been on TV, or at least not for a LONG time after they’ve been on TV like the other GINGER Maitland Ward…but even that was weird….the whole thing weird..

Here’s some of her pics…

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