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Feminist Friday of the Day

I was talking to a real man hating, potentially lesbian, granola hippie type of woman the other day, who is VERY much about being an independent women, not relying on men for their existence, or any of that shit…..someone you’d expect to be fat, with blue hair and angry about bullshit rumors that women don’t get fair treatment and that white men are the problem….but this girl was going off on FEMINISTS…

She fucking hates feminists more than she hates men because the modern feminist is anti-woman, and reduces women to the stereotype of women, or some shit….

She was still feminist enough to get mad when I said “It all went wrong when we allowed women to vote”….but at the same time…her hating feminists was a good sign…THE TIDES ARE TURNING…

I’m not saying these are feminists, they’re just braless and that’s hot to me…TITS through SHIRTS without bras…BONERS!

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