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Leni Klum’s Pimple Face of the Day

Leni Klum has probably been the most interesting celebrity child paving her own way in the world with her giant fucking tits, assuming you consider paving her own way riding off her mom Heidi Klum’s back, making appearances on her mom’s TV show, or with her in lingerie campaigns to give dudes mom/daughter fetishes that they probably already had, but re-affirmed those fetishes, because not all moms are vile pigs, some are hot models like Heidi Klum.

You have to wonder if Heidi is trying to pass the torch to her girl, you know in a she’s done so much in the industry, allowing ease of entry for her girl, so that she doesn’t need to eat old man ass to make it, because momma did it first.

Or if Heidi is just using the hot tits that crawled out of her pussy to make her appear hotter for having hot tits that had crawled out of her pussy. You know, back to the mom fetish thing, if the mom poses next to the hot daughter, the mom appears hotter because your brain wants to fuck both the pussy it created and the source pussy at the same time, we are wired to be perverts….

Anyway, Leni posted some pimple face, hormonal acne, probably from her make-up and I figure at least one of you will have a pimple popping fetish, while the other one of you may have a smearing your cum on pimples as a high school remedy you used to use back when you had acne….both equally weird fetishes, but here’s somethin’ you can both fap to.

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