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Weed Wednesday of the Day

I don’t know about WEED…..it seems like something that weirdly medicated, mentally unstable, woke progressive libtards like to dabble in…and despite thinking WEED was acceptable for the longest time, since it was from nature and a solid medicinal approach to the world of over prescribed big pharma brain drugs….

I tend to think there’s a reason why governments are wanting to legalize weed and it’s probably nothing to do with money, or even with them thinking it will make the people complacent and NOT awake to their antics….but maybe to poison them through the sanctioned weed, or maybe they know something we don’t know….

Anyway, most weed smoking, weed themed, weed hustling girls aren’t all that hot for the most part, but some can be, since the aren’t all fat fucks….but the posting nudes with the weed like it’s a prop is always fun since NUDITY…but I don’t think weeds every got a girl out of her mind enough to suck my dick with vigor, so I stick to pushing METH on my dreamgirls, since eventually they’ll be down and out and need my saving…while weed’s just too safe.


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