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Weed Story of the Day

I don’t smoke weed, I am a hard drinker and weed just makes me paranoid, so I stay the fuck away from it, since I’m already paranoid enough, but I have smoked weed over the years, I guess I go through phases where it works for me and others where it freaks me the fuck out…I’ve gone on benders where I drank my fucking face off with a couple friends and an excessive amount of weed and never did I forget shit as simple as where I put the kid…but then again, I’m more the kind of dude who would leave a baby on a gay couple’s doorstep to freak them out and videotape the whole thing, than the kind of dude who would put a kid in the oven in the first place, so I guess its a good thing they took his kids away from him, but they may consider talking his car keys, his independence away from him too, motherfucker does not meet the test of being a normal functioning human in our society….seriously fucking retarded…

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Kate Moss and Lily Allen Smoke Weed With Kids of the Day

I am all for getting high, gettin drunk and fucking in front of kids because I figure they are never too young to learn the good stuff life has to offer and I figure they are too young to realize what is going on Sure, I don’t smoke weed anymore cuz it makes me bug the fuck out and I don’t really hang with kids on the regular cuz my stepkids are grown up, but there was a time when I did smoke weed and I didn’t try to hide it from the kids, I’m sure I even encouraged them to do drugs, but I am not a celebrity so this shit is just irresponsible parenting, not that anyone ever thought that Kate Moss the drug addict who is never with her kid was a good parent in the first place, let’s just hope this gets the kid taken the fuck away from the authorities….and if the weed isn’t enough reason for that, then the fact she hangs with Lily Allen should be….cuz Lily Allen is fucking garbage…

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I am – Steve-O is an Idiot of the Day


I am going to admit that I laughed at the Jackass movies. I used to read Big Brother magazine before Larry Flynt bought them out and I’d watch skateboard videos in the 90s and this was just an extension of that scene. So when Tony Hawk Pro Skater went huge and every suburban kid in the world was rockin’ skate shoes, it was only natural for these dudes to get big too.

I never thought Steve-O was cool. I thought he was a nutcase and that made him worth watching in the beginning, but then dude just got repetitive and played out. People started immitating him and he stopped pushing the limit, he just played the dude who did lots of drugs and drink who stapled his balls to his leg, over and over and over and over.

So when I see him, years later, smoking a bowl out of a Dr Pepper can while diddling his balls on the red carpet, for some Gene Simmon’s roast, I don’t see anything funny, I see something played out, old and tired, kinda like everytime I look in the mirror. If dude took a shit on a girl’s face on the red carpet, or put a little effort into his stunt, I’d probably be less offended, because nothing annoys me more than a lack of creativity, especially when you’re a useless hood rat who made it big by pushing limits who has obviously since accepted that his balls are all he has to offer…that’s what the public wants to see and it’s easy and formulaic.

Steve-O is over and trying to shock us all by exposing his balls while smoking out of a can on the red carpet, because he’s so crazy….asshole.

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