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Caylee Cowan Bikini of the Day

Caylee Cowan reads them books with her tits out…and we’ll assume her handler Casey Affleck is the one who shot these pics, because I highly doubt he’d let a woman he’s purchased stray too far from him, otherwise she could potentially land in the arms of another higher paying man….

That’s not to say that Caylee Cowan is a hooker, but big tits have value, and they are basically a currency that can be traded in the free market like a currency and those with enough to barter genuinely end up with them….so it’s not straight hooking, but to listen to Casey Affleck’s voice when fucking, you’d assume it’s a decent upside to being with Ben’s lil brother…..

She was an aspiring LA socialite actress with big tits who literally came out of nowhere, and now those big tits get to Christmas with J.Lo all thanks to being Big Tits…is special….I mean sure, maybe there’s more to Caylee, like that she reads, or that she’s taken to fitness and still kept her big tits, but I mean…we all know it’s about the tits….and they are in HAWAII…living the rough celebrity girlfriend life…half naked.


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