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Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

The nice thing about tight pants is that they are inspiring enough for the right pervert to get their motherfucking steps in….

Basically, if you leave your house and find yourself some middle-aged momma’s trying to get their 10,000 steps in because that Dr OZ concept of 20 years ago is mainstream and all these motherfuckers track this shit, you’ll see that they slip into the latest instagram brand trends, like ALO YOGA and SKIMS and all the other overpriced shit, only to walk around with these outfits jack up inside their assholes and wombs and the whole thing can get a fat fuck like me running behind them, trying to keep up with the ass, willing to risk the coronary for a better look of the ass, all while being inconspicuous and casual like “I’m just on the same step hoarding walk as they are”…

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy for that shit, but some of you fat fucks should take advantage of the tight pants and the ass and pussies being shown off from the tight pants to make your life a better one, a fitter one, a healthier one…

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