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Weight Watcher Wednesday of the Day


You see, this is my internet clubhouse and as far as I’m concerned, I can make the rules that I want to make, since I pay a large fee every month to maintain this internet clubhouse, that may not have any members, definitely no one helping me keep the fucking lights on here, as I collect cans on the fucking street like a crackhead, when I should be running bitches like a pimp, or at least getting you assholes to give me 5 dollars a month as a contribution…but that’s a me problem, not a you problem, and you’re here for your own weird issues, so let me make them weirder with some fat chicks for inclusivity, because you have to accept fat chicks as sexual beings otherwise you’ll get cancelled, your fired from your job, your life ended…all while I get to say No Fat Chicks Allowed, because I don’t find fat chicks sexual beings, even if they’ve got the right equipment for it….

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