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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I like to hate on nurses who get naked on the job, mainly because I find it totally inappropriate to see a professional reduce herself to some low level stripper begging for attention on the internet, because having a professional career with a high salary isn’t enough in the “dudes jerking off to you” department, that you gotta level the fuck up….

But the truth is, I like all girls who let their true woman colors shine through, especially when they are trying to be taken seriously in their work, you know just as a reminder of “you can send a bitch to college, you can give her the right to vote, you can let her have her own opinion” but she’ll always just be a baboon walking through her tribe of baboons with her drippy, swollen baboon cunt, trying to get the best, strongest and richest baboon to cum up inside it…..to keep the baboon species going….

If you know what I mean…

I figure if I look at chicks as sluts, having them deliver from places they are no supposed to be sluts, is just that pat on my back I need to validate my opinion I didn’t need validated because I am always right…but you get what I mean….

If I was in hospital, getting enemas and whatever other treatments since I’m likely dying, I’d be right there with these medical workers, directing them, or at least expecting to be THIS kind of medical worker anyway. It’s called SEXUALIZING everything with a vagina bro…

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