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Chelsea Handler Swimsuit of the Day

Chelsea Handler in her swimsuit, although an age appropriate swimsuit, since she’s old as shit and should keep that gunt, or APRON BELLY that normally comes with childbirth, something she skipped out on because she’s a self involved, career oriented cunt, stunted but will realize she made a huge mistake eventually…if she hasn’t already….since the whole purpose of being a woman is making babies…not doing it is some freakish shit that miserable women will try to defend, but we all know in their core they don’t mean it and the older they get and the dumpier they get in their body, realizing that they weren’t able to preserve their bodies, or their blown out pussies because instead of babies, they were taking cock to fill the void, which I guess had the same results on their limited elasticity thanks to aging…

What I am saying is that Chelsea Handler gamed the system into thinking she’s funny, by fucking the right comedic people, it’s an easy scene for a woman to break into and just talk fake sex stories about awkward thoughts while being eaten out for other women, relatable jokes you see…..

So in being old as shit, she’d be better if she had a kid, because it would at least justify her haggard body…if you know what I mean….

The kid is a good excuse, what’s you’re excuse NEVER GRANNY…but still lookin GRANNY…


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