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Camila Cabello Cleavage of the Day

CAMILA CABELLO CLEAVAGE…exciting for the fat rich hispanic girl titty lovers out there….

Camila Cabello is a Cuban refugee who was luckily born to a Mexican father who was living in Cuba and able to escape Cuba for Mexico before making her way to Miami by climbing the border wall with her mom, or crossing the border river with her mom, before getting on a Greyhound to Miami where they laid low and potentially used other people’s social security numbers before finding a way to sell her off to the entertainment industry so that she could have that AMERICAN DREAM she deserved, but that actual native Americans don’t deserve because they are too fat, broke and lazy to get where they need to go…

Unless all that’s just bullshit and she was undocumented because she was created in a lab at DISNEY before they created the FIFTH HARMONY group that allowed her to have her SOLO career…

Doesn’t really matter, since she’s here, she dates queers and she’s got her tit slipping out of shirt….


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