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Camila Cabello Bikini of the Day

Camila Cabello is being a bit of a slut in her content because that’s what these ladies do. They produce content that would be reserved for their gay husbands in the past, but post it up in their content feed….for the people to appreciate for free…in a weird “is this onlyfans” when it’s not…

She’s in bikini, showing off her pecs, which as a Tiny Titty fan should be seen as less of an insult, but the truth is that just because I like tiny tits, doesn’t mean I like gross masculine chest tiny tits….

The funny thing about this is that she’s working the angles, since she’s obese, trying to be hot, since she’s obese and she even has an ice cube on her, like those girls who put ice cubes in their cunt for masturbation and it’s all so weird, since she’s a top tier popstar….

Not that being a top tier popstar means she doesn’t suck, I mean clearly pop culture sucks…


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