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Anya Taylor-Joy Bathtub Selfie of the Day

Anya Taylor Joy is some freakish celebrity who for some reason is a lot of hype, or was a lot of hype a few years ago, because I guess Hollywood is drowning and they take whatever the fuck they can get from these random ass whores who pop up….

She seems to be some human trafficked satanic werido, but then again, I think anyone who has made it in Hollywood has drank the blood of children while taking it up the ass from a train of the leaders of the industry, to prove their loyalty….

In this picture, she posted herself in the bubble bath, which is what celebrities are resorting to when it comes to producing their own personal content as they need to have a personal life, personal brand, existence outside of the characters in the movies, while also being the characters in the movie, so when left to their own devices, you are forced to see how lame, ugly, lacking of creativity and BORING their overpaid asses are.

Now, should an actor or actress also be a creative director of her content like an instagram whore? Probably not, but with their budget, there’s no excuse as to why Jenny at the coffee shop is hotter, funnier, worth jerking off to harder than the ones who get hired and paid millions to be on camera and who think they are so important because they get paid millions to be on camera, all while sucking..

I mean to think that top level actresses post bathtub pics to the internet like a fat lonely wife who gets cheated on by her husband, hoping someone will pay notice to her, is hilarious….


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