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Donna D’Errico’s Nipple on Instagram of the Day

I don’t really pay attention to Donna D’Errico’s instagram feed or her OnlyFans sex work at 55. It’s all pretty gross or even pretty sad to me…..

I realize that she’s an old as shit legacy pussy from the Baywatch hype of the 90s, which probably made her feel very important in her sex work, whether it was nude modelling with Playboy with those fake as fuck tits or their predecessors, or sex tapes with Rockstars of the time, like Nikki Sixx, who she married and was with for 11 years because Motley Crue clearly watched Baywatch in the tour bus circle jerks….

Either way, she’s been around and she’s been cheesy….and now the mom of two in her mid 50s is selling nudes, instead of applying for her pension early….

For whatever reason, she still looks hot bodied, despite us knowing that pussy has been run through a lot over the decades, which to many people today, who actually like run through bitches, whether it’s fucking porn chicks or Tinder chicks who fuck different dudes every night, may make her and her menopausal dryness for the friction hot…

4 Days ago she put a pic of her nipple on instagram, it didn’t get flagged, instagram AI didn’t shut it down, maybe they feel it would be ageism or old bitch being a whore phobic and they couldn’t risk the negative press, or just the overall sadness of bullying an old fuck trying to make it at her old age by not letting her post her tits…

So I’ll look at it, and SO WILL YOU….

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