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Donna D’Errico’s Pussy Print Bikini of the Day

Donna D’Errico is 60 fucking years old, so her whole geriatric porn content is fucking weird to me.

I’ve been around long enough to know that all these girls photoshop themselves into hybrid humans and there are apps designed to specifically rebuild them into something hot, so 99 percent of the doughy muppets you see on the internet are far doughier in person, but you’d never know that because you don’t leave your house, they don’t leave their house, it is strictly all fucking cosplay…

In D’Errico’s case, it’s pretty hilarious that a 90s whore is so bold her in presenting her 60 year old ass and fake tits to the woman in this way, but the best thing about it is how BAD or CHEAP her AI version of herself is, it looks like her head was stuck on in a bobble head or ELF YOURSELF animation….

It’s so fucking stupid, but losers likely pay up, which is why she’s putting herself on the line and doing this shit…and well it may not be real, nothing is real, even in real life, and it is hilarious, so that works for me…


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Donna D’Errico Cleavage of the Day

This is obviously really a confusing set of pictures….

Donna D’Errico is a 60 year old dinosaur, who we’ll assume has a blown out, grey, old lady cunt…

I don’t know if she was ENCINO MAN-ing herself the last 20 years, you know keeping herself on ice as hard as she can so that her ROT isn’t visible.

I have a very hard time believing that even the best genetics, I am talking people living to 150 in those Blue Zones of the world are able to preserve their looks like this for a long time

She claims that this is what she looks like, it may be what she looks like, but it could also be totally fake as fuck, but in a world of who fucking cares, everything on the internet is fake as fuck and dudes are actually paying to talk to the AI version of an influecer, or they pay to sext with a fucking call center in India…in an era where everyone is fucking broke..

Crazy time to be alive..


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Donna D’Errico’s Nipple on Instagram of the Day

I don’t really pay attention to Donna D’Errico’s instagram feed or her OnlyFans sex work at 55. It’s all pretty gross or even pretty sad to me…..

I realize that she’s an old as shit legacy pussy from the Baywatch hype of the 90s, which probably made her feel very important in her sex work, whether it was nude modelling with Playboy with those fake as fuck tits or their predecessors, or sex tapes with Rockstars of the time, like Nikki Sixx, who she married and was with for 11 years because Motley Crue clearly watched Baywatch in the tour bus circle jerks….

Either way, she’s been around and she’s been cheesy….and now the mom of two in her mid 50s is selling nudes, instead of applying for her pension early….

For whatever reason, she still looks hot bodied, despite us knowing that pussy has been run through a lot over the decades, which to many people today, who actually like run through bitches, whether it’s fucking porn chicks or Tinder chicks who fuck different dudes every night, may make her and her menopausal dryness for the friction hot…

4 Days ago she put a pic of her nipple on instagram, it didn’t get flagged, instagram AI didn’t shut it down, maybe they feel it would be ageism or old bitch being a whore phobic and they couldn’t risk the negative press, or just the overall sadness of bullying an old fuck trying to make it at her old age by not letting her post her tits…

So I’ll look at it, and SO WILL YOU….

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Donna D’Errico Ass in Fishnets of the Day

Donna D’Errico is the Baywatch babe that is now pushing 60 years old, but for whatever reason still has a hot fucking body, especially when viewed from behind, because the face will throw everything off and remind you that she’s not some skinny 20 year old with what’s either ass crack showing some pussy, or just straight up ass crack….since 20 year olds barely look this good from behind….but knowing how well travelled this ass and pussy have been…it’s even MORE impressive.

Is it AI, is it Photoshop, is it filter, is it filler and other cosmetic procedures, is it diet and exercise, starvation, who fucking cares, it’s wonderful…


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Donna D’Errico Ass of the Day

Donna D’Errico, who has basically not existed the last 2 decades, is another one of those old as shit bitches that sells premium content to the last remaining fans, in what I call a last ditch effort to cash in on their fake tits that turned out to be a great investment all these years later….that 5k investment has made each and every one of them millions because in their era, it was seen as hot to have fake tits I guess, I don’t know, the 90s were weird…

Anyway, she’s 54 years old, far too old to be sexualizing herself, but clearly using fillers and filters to not look like a 54 year old, almost pulling a Madonna with her over the top fillers that make her look like a demonic clown, in what I almost appreciate as performance art taking a piss on all of us, just not a real piss, she probably does that enough on her own thanks to the whole menopause and weak pelvic floor at her age shit…

So it’s weird to see a shameless ass shot, but she didn’t edit out all the blemishes, imperfections, dimples, that 4 decades or more of fucking would do to a whore…..but it still creeps me the fuck out.


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Donna D’Errico Bikini of the Day

Donna D’Errico is the Baywatch and Playboy chick who is probably in her mid 50s at this point…but her tits are probably under 18.

Thanks to vanity, hard work, fitness, starving herself thanks to having not made money professionally since Paywatch, but these girls always find a way to get paid….so it’s probably some strategic procedures, or some strategic poses, strategic lighting, or just some filters and movie magic….she’s looking pretty fucking good….

Which is probably why she sells exclusive bikini nudes to her fans…..which is amazing on a lot of fucking levels….but this is from her instagram, so it’s the preview, teaser trailer…something she knows about because she’s an old timey sex worker selling Playboy magazines and videos from before most of yous were even born…she knows the hustle.


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Donna D’Errico Bolt Ons of the Day

Donna D’Errico may be a Baywatch babe that you’ve jerked off to since the 90s! I didn’t have a TV in the 90s and would spend my nights in strip clubs, looking at real strippers, not Hollywood’s version of strippers presented as life guards, in the mainstream porn that was Baywatch, so I barely remember Baywatch being some important event that was, and barely remember Donna D’Errico but I think she may have had a sex tape, less popular than Pams, but could be wrong!

However, she’s doing a good job, 30 years later, reminding us who she is, with her giant fucking bolt on tits that I assume she sells pictures of to the lifers, the fans who never forgot her tight body, and whether this is photoshopped, or just fake thanks to medical procedures, it doesn’t really matter, I’ll buy in the lie, pretending it’s still the 90s, the good old days, when big fake tits didn’t bother me, because all the hottest chicks had them!

Old Ass titties are still titties and really, the titties may only be 10 years old, making you a pervert for looking at them since they’re underage!


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Donna D’Errico Got Them Tits On of the Day

Donna D’Errico is out here in a tight yellow dress being slutty….

Pretending she’s still on Baywatch in the 90s…and not 60 years old…

It’s a bit of a mind fuck that a bitch can look like a living and breathing sex doll with her fake tits out….while 60 years old…

But it’s a reminder that filters and surgeries and procedures are affordable, available, and people are fucking abusing them…

Everyone is freaking out about the vaccine altering the genes of people, but they’re already basically artificial intelligence / augmented reality…who knows what is real and what isn’t…but at least you can jerk off to it….and buy into the lie…


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90 Year Old Donna D’Errico Does Hot Shoot for Baywatch 30th Anniversary of the Day

Donna D’Errico lives….but more interestingly at 90 years old, 30 years after Baywatch happened, girl brought the fucking goods, to remind you that with photoshop and plastic surgery, starvation and fitness, girl can present herself as a hot chick at 90, despite being 90.

The 90s is making a comeback and not just because of this 90 year old…..but both are making a comeback… from brands re-releasing the same designs they sold in the 90s. To the film industry redoing shows and movies from the 90s, or in the Baywatch case….turning shows into movies, and docs, shows that were only shows thanks to perverts not having internet access to porn….but yet that the rich decision makers in Hollywood jerked off to and thought it would be a big hit as a movie..

The 90s are hot baby….and guess so are 90 year olds who were hot in the 90s…why jack off to old pics of her, when you can jack off to the new her…that may be 90 internally, in the organs….but porno on the leathery exterior.

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Donna D’Errico Relives Baywatch of the Day

The 90s is making a comeback – or has made a comeback – from brands re-releasing the same designs they sold in the 90s. To the film industry redoing shows and movies from the 90s, or in the Baywatch case….turning shows into movies, shows that were only shows thanks to perverts not having internet access to porn….but yet that the rich decision makers in Hollywood jerked off to and thought it would be a big hit as a movie…because who the fuck knows….90s are hot baby….

Unfortunate that doesn’t stop the barely stars, but more like softcore porn stars, or Glamour models with porny stage names from the 90s, who are now 90, aren’t as hot as they were in the 90s, despite the plastic surgery…I mean it’s been 25 years….since they were hot…from making a comeback….Sure they should be left in the 90s…but I guess ego won’t allow that…too bad…but then again, this isn’t that offensive…

I call this DD’s DDs…and her new, despite being old ASS….


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