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Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day

In an asshole obsessed society, which is almost weird since the asshole is the hole you shit from and probably not the hole that should be coveted. I mean sure, in the 80s when girls would NEVER do anal, it was something to beg for, but in an era where your fat barista drops her/they/them’s buttplug from her/them/they’s asshole while making you your latte, only to make a point of letting you know it happened because they’ve anal trained themselves so much, from their big manly shits to all the cock they’ve taken, to the series of butt plugs they’ve held inside them at work for the last 4 months, sizing up every few weeks…in an era where that’s commonplace…anal’s not that hype….if anything, it’s fucking faggy.

But yeah, people are fascinated with the puckered starfish onthe girl they are talking to, to see how blown out or cute it is, something I’ll assume is controlled by the mind controlling parasites transmitted by eating ass….

So the THONG, makes showing the asshole pretty fucking simple, not even that whorish, cuz you can’d it with the panties still on, hiding the hole that actually matters….the urethra..

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