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Things to Wear to the Beach Tuesday of the Day

It is probably the most boring and uninspired era of pop culture, just a lot of idiots glued to their social media feeds, figuring out ways to get attention and go viral, so that they can turn their social media in their verion of QVC, which is either selling product, selling other people’s products, or selling their nudes, it’s just so fucking transactional….there’s no whores being whores for the sheer love of being whores, it all has conditions attached to it….making it BORING…like commercialized bullshit…

The only good thing about it is the sheer volume of half naked pics, that usually start with bikini pics and work their way down, because if if they are posted for opportunistic reasons, I can pretend it’s just a casual bikini pic for a little “I’m on vacation tell me I’m cute” and not for “pay me, but this shit I am selling, follow me, subscribe to me, you can sext me for money” bullshit…

Everyone self promoting…where’s the purist bikini pic on the internet….the no strings attach, just showing off my tits cuz I am insecure….

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