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Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day

Everyone love assholes, not just fags who use the asshole like a pussy, or Christians who want to stay virgins til marriage, or Greeks….but EVERYONE….

I am a victim of asshole worship too, it was probably the parasites in my brain telling me the asshole was some coveted orifice and that if I didn’t get to see the asshole in nude I was scoring, then the nude didn’t count…like the asshole was the top of the fucking food chain…

Yet, back when I was 15 or 16 and the bros would talk about eating girl ass, you’d think that it was probably a gross thing to do due to the shit…but fast forward decades and here you are…asking for fecal matter to enter your fucking bloodstream like it’s not full of e.coli..

Anyway….thongs do a bad job covering asshole in a world of asshole obsession and I’m pretty sure it’s all parasite driven…ASSHOLE ON THE BRAIN…WORMS IN THE BRAINS…

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