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Feminist Friday of the Day

When I leave the house, which happens more than society may like, keep that pervert locked up in his perverted cave behind the internet screen he trolls from….but when I leave the house, I see braless chicks consistently and I am pretty sure they are more on the whore side than the feminist fighting for the free the nipple movement of taking down the patriarchy, unless taking money from dudes paying them to be whores, is taking down the patriarchy is hardly the objective.

We’re actually at the stage of bralessness where it’s just a mainstream trend. It’s pop music, it’s fashion and how girls dress without any political agenda behind it.

I don’t even think they realize they are showing off their tits…they’re just getting dressed, so to perverts like me, we’re happy to stare at the tits that they don’t realize they are sexualizing, so we can sexualize them for them.


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