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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I don’t believe in the medical industry, I am a let nature take its course and let all the weak genetics with their cancers and shitty hearts, retardations and organ failures die the way nature intended, since they collectively bring down the human experience….

There’s beauty in the animal kingdom, where nature takes its course…so all these overpaid workers, all these overpaid doctors who think they are heroes but are for the most part basically retards that chicks like because they are rich, all these pharma companies medicating us, or paying the politicians to make us sick so that they can medicate us, then all these freaks all fucking medicated….

Then there’s the hospital being one of the least sexy places to fap, even to nurses covered in dying person blood and feces aren’t that hot, mainly because they wear scrubs and not vintage nurse fetish gear you’d want.

Sure, if I was dying in hospital and not in my everyday life, their washing my dick off would be the highlight of my life, but as someone who hates hospital and all that germs, it’s all pretty gross to me…plus, they’re probably too busy on their phones speaking some other language to really wash my dick the way you’d want your dick washed…

The one thing I know is that the nurses are the sex workers of the medical industry, so this speaks to that..

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