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Sabrina Carpenter Almost Panty Flash of the Day

I don’t know why Sabrina Carpenter looks like a bloated, pink faced, muppet from social media, but I’ll assume that has something to do with face injections, a food allergy, a vaccine injury, alcoholism and shitty make-up….

But it’s also the look of the generation, the over the top muppet, the porn chick or the stripper than was cycled to the youth, because it’s not just for strippers and rich ladies in their mansions anymore, but perfect for the budding young talent in the entertainment industry….

She’s wearing one of those low cut titty dresses, which are fantastic for the stripper lovers out there who fall in love for the slow song before the get naked song….you know the stripper gear of the past that instagram has made everyone wear in the now….and some of these bitches pay 10k for this shit…because the world is silly…

All this to say Sabrina Carpenter is some pop starlet…


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