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Milky Boobs Monday of the Day

Here’s some tits doing what tits do, basically the reason we’re called mammals is because of these lactating orbs attached to all of our chests that produce milk….

So without the tits, we wouldn’t be mammals, just some other warm blooded creature….meaning our whole existence and our whole categorization as an animal is based on the tits…

Which is probably why we’re all so tit obsessed, it just got perverted along the way because as a species, we’re fucking perverted, probably because perversion leads to boners which leads to cumming in a bitch and making her a baby, which will get those tits milk filled, to keep the cycle going…..

That’s why I’m posting these lactation videos, so that you can see tits as a non-sexual thing, but rather as a species defining and species surviving tool….that you can jerk off to.

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