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Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

I got an aggressive letter from a lawyer over one of the TIGHT PANT girls I’ve featured….because the thing with internet whores, is that the second the internet whoring slows down, or they find god, or a boyfriend, they try to erase the internet whoring, and people like me who have a legacy or archive of their whoring, that historical record of them losing course and being bad girls, end up being seen as the bad guy because we’ve taken their right or control over their whoring from them, because it’s not as simple as deleting it off your photo album or instagram stream….

Instead of nice messages of “I wore tight pants because I like tight pants and wanted people to see me in tight pants, since the folks in the small town in Florida my Driver’s License says I am from doesn’t really give me the same thrill as the idea of my tight pants being jerked off to in far off places, luxurious places, exciting places, like Decatur or some shit in Idaho”….

So here are tight pants trying to go viral because if you squeeze in the tight pants, get those tight pants seen, until you find god, a boyfriend, a job, or your parents find out you’re being a whore and they shame you…

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