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Nina Dobrev Surfs Up Bro of the Day

Everyone’s a fucking surfer bro….

So here’s Eastern European, communist block superstar Nina Dobrev doing her best surf moves like she’s Patrick Fucking Swayze or Keanu Reeves in Point Break, cuz surfing is cool man…

She’s really shreddin’ the gnar, getting her stoke on, or whatever the fuck it is that surfers, who were once cool, but now dot com billionaires like Zuck, or lame ass child stars like Nina Dobrev, all thanks to fucking some redheaded demon with super board sport strength….

The good news is, girls surf in skimpy suits, they have surf girl asses, they have pussy slips and nip slips, so if you’re gonna jerk off to any sport, it might as well be this one…

So yeah, Nina Dobrev living life like a retired dentist who just moved to Malibu….or Oahu….or Costa Rica or wherever the fuck surf faggots fuck.

Point of the story, she’s got a hot fucking body, especially at her age!

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