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Kate Beckinsale’s Old Lady Body Suit Over her Tights of the Day

Old as shit Kate Beckinsale, who has strategically maintained herself in a way that she barely rots, confusing those who don’t think she’s a vampire drinking the blood of children, or at least a strategic botoxer that is vain enough to not let herself get fat or aged out.

She’s consistently been the “hot chick” in shitty movies, unless you’re a COMICON bro who still jerks off to Underworld.

I’ve seen her in two movies in the last few weeks, some Total Recall remix that sucked and some other Charlie Chaplin inspired shit that sucked, so I feel as though she’s old, tired, and sucks too….and not in the right kind of sucking, but I’m sure she does some of that since she always has younger boyfriends who cum in her menopausal box, since she can’t get pregnant with another LILY MO SHEEN (who is also pretty slutty in her nude leaked content) even if she tried, due to biology…

She is seen here wearing a leotard, like she’s going to gymnastics class, or geriatric aerobics and I’ve a huge fan of the leotard, I still remember the days of the mid to late 2000s when American Apparel brought these fuckers back, I still remember the mid 90s when bitches wore these, and it’s still a fetish of mine…a piece of clothing that touches pussy, asshole and nipple at the same time….

Beckinsale probably remembers those eras also, since she was 45 when the trend came out of dance class and onto the mainstream…..

Sure the TIGHTS kind of take away from that whole touching pussy, ass and tits at the same time, but you’d probably want that protective seal with someone so well used up, plus she’s old and her leathery, varicose vein, alligator skin legs look better wrapped in yellow!

The cameltoe’s off, but hey…it’s the thought that counts!

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