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Sofia Vergara is a Bootleg Bargain Basement Kim Kardashian with her Pants Off of th Day

I heard something about the whole Influencer thing dying off. Someone I was talking to accidentally, since I try to avoid talking to people, saying something about how the whole influencer thing is dead, to which I said, “that’s so hot, finally, I’ll be able to jerk off to them”, you know since necrophilic jokes are always a hit with senior citizens in the park, probably because they know death is near and they don’t like having to feel like they don’t have sex appeal….or won’t in the near future when laying in their assisted living bed dead, covered in their bodily fluids that were expelled while dying, only to get one last romp with the orderly cleaning up after them before the funeral home shows up…

Yeah, so influencers being dead is potentially a thing, but that’s only because celebrities are doing their best pathetic approach to content by becoming desperate as fuck influencers in their own right, stealing the work from the non celebrity influencers, because it’s a fucking joke manipulating the fans in with influencer type content, especially when you’re already famous.

So people like Vergara are doing their best Kim Kardashian, even promoting bodysuits that she sells via Walmart like she was Kim Kardashian, all because she wants in on some of that Kim Kardashian money, despite already being rich…

It’s this thirst for money, selling dog shit to people with no money, that helps make these people more obviously EVIL…but when in body suits, even old, edited like an AI version of Sofia Vergara, pantsless with the big tits, I’ll watch the fall into lame, pathetic, cash grabs of a pitch man…..instagram worse than QVC rich….

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