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Sofia Vergara Showing Off Leg of the Day

I saw this picture of old lady Sofia Vergara, who you you all fell in love with as the big tits on her Modern Family show that she landed despite not knowing how to speak English.

The Colombian smuggled into America like a key of coke, only to take on Miami before finding the right producer to make her dreams come true, you know with a little selling of her soul and sucking of the dick, not that I think she’s a whore, but she’s probably a whore, or at least a good manipulator which could mean that she didn’t suck dick and the whole landing the dream job of a Sitcom was done by cockteasing.

She’s recently divorced and I figured that since she is single and also Heidi Klum’s co-host on that Talent Show, she was dressed in costume for the big event, not all over the top like Heidi did, or as hot as Heidi’s big titty daughter….THERE ARE NEW BIG TITS ON THE BLOCK SOFIA….

As it turns out, this isn’t her in a mask, it’s just her being an old lady with fillers and botox looking like a clown…

So these freak shows are just the normal 50 year old rich woman look. SCARY ZOMBIE SHIT…

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