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Sex dolls are the new influencers of the Day

Sex dolls have come a long way since you used to widdle them out of wood down by the river when your mom thought you were fetching water for the family and you had a window of opportunity to jack off, you know olden day pre-social media times you grew up in.

Now that they are far less clunky, more high tech and realistic, they are not just replacing women in the bedroom for lonely men everywhere, or men who would rather go sex doll than gay, they are also becoming influencers.

The reality is that TPE sex dolls as influencers are far more real than 95 percent of instagram models, and even have less plastic inside of them since influencers are pretty fake. 

So if you dig through the social media channels, people aren’t just making AI art influencers, or trying to be influencers themselves using AR technology, but they are taking their sex dolls and dressing them up, posing them, and styling them out like they were real. It’s like playing with Barbie but for adults who figure they can sell some skinny teas.

I am sure that some of the sex doll influencers are run by some of the strangest men, living a life of delusion and humiliation, but on the internet their storytelling, characterization of the dolls impresses far more than when you see him sitting at dinner with one of them at your local McDonalds.

We aren’t all born with a set of tits, but we do see girls making millions a year of their tits, and that’s not very fair, so now we have our own way to get in on the CREATOR / GIG economy, selling useless products to idiots.

The concept of sex dolls USA and influencers is still new, controversial, even creepy because of the blurred lines between reality and fiction. Plus the doll doesn’t get paid or consent to being used and objectified like this. So community guidelines on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube can shut down the sex doll influencer. Those Big Tech fascists ruining all the fun.

Here is some Trinity Love in action:

@itstrinitylove? my heart went F CK – Nova

@itstrinitylove Feeling limber! #yoga #quarantine ? Roses (Imanbek Remix) – SAINt JHN

@itstrinitylove? original sound – chërry søunds?

@itstrinitylove ?? #fypg #sidehustle #dualipa ? Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

@itstrinitylove #fyp ? Like That (feat. Gucci Mane) – Doja Cat

@itstrinitylove #happyathome ? Cannibal by Kesha – rapidsongs

@itstrinitylove Waist do be snatched doe #quarantine ? OUT WEST (feat. Young Thug) – JACKBOYS & Travis Scott

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