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Weight Watcher Wednesday of the Day

No fat chicks allowed…

I am an outdated pervert who was raised on the traditional beauty standards, where at the time girls had to be a certain level of hot to get anywhere in life and if they weren’t they were alienated, segregated, left to die alone like the disappointing loser they were. Bullying was real and amazing.

That’s not to say the fat and the uglies were all bullied, some hand friends, some made jokes, some were allowed a the cool parties, I wasn’t, but they were and some even got laid because they were willing to put out when the hot chicks wouldn’t.

Since then, I’ve seen the fat chick climb out of her very large shell, slowly become accepted or accepting of her fat, sexualizing her fat, wearing real human clothes despite being fat, and now we’re at a point where they don’t even know they are fat.

Like they are posting “only dudes who are 6 foot and make 7 figures a year” on their TINDER profiles and they are getting it.

They are alienating every day dudes, or at least refusing sex and that’s because so many everyday dudes have hit them up to fuck, saying nice things like “you’re so hot”….propaganda all for some greasy all you can eat buffet pussy….

Then the media is telling them they’re hot, all food is good food, all sizes are valid sizes, some fat girls live to 100, it’s not a death sentence and it’s created a very hostile landscape….

Then tell them to eat processed food, junk food, or maybe to GO vegan. Get on anti-depressants to feed the delusions that they are hot and to get them to keep on eating, to take hormonal birth control pills to keep them getting even more fucked up, and make them the best version of a monster as you can….and dudes will still try to fuck them…

It’s a conspiracy….which is why I do this post, No Fat Chicks Allowed….unless it’s to point out the REASONS why they aren’t allowed…

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