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Revisiting Leni Klum’s Granny Colored Lingerie Shirt of the Day

Since Leni Klum is an entitled rich kid, spoiled and given everything she ever wanted or needed, including a modeling contract that she didn’t have to work for, or suck dick for, you know, like other models, including her mom…

Unless she was actually used as a FLESHLIGHT for her mother with the creeps that they all know, who run the fashion industry, and TV industry, who appreciate a good mother who lends out her illegitimate kid in exchange for her own success….anything is possible.

But I’m more into thinking Heidi was the dick sucker so that Leni can be the less shameless big titty instagram model who doesn’t even bother updating her shit, because she doesn’t fucking have to.

Forcing us to revisit her granny toned lingerie outfit from the weekend, because her tits are too big to ignore…

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