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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I may be the kind of person who has no confidence in humanity, because it seems like everyone that I interact with is a mindless robot. Even people who fancy themselves as geniuses, whether it’s professors, lawyers, doctors, bankers store workers not that I deal with any professionals, but I do deal with store workers and it amazes me that they can function in society. They are just empty, mindless, rude, barely speak english, you know just disgusting at customer service….and if you need to ask them anything important they don’t have the answers, probably because the school system made them all idiots.

So I don’t have much hope for nurses, they are just there going through the motion, likely not sucking dick or giving patients handjobs, which would actually be helpful bedside manner. They likely don’t know how to do their job right, or even deal with their demented patients, but they sure know how to take mindless nudes and post them to the internet which I guess is all they need to do with their intelligence or lack of intelligence and it works for me, since I’m a pervert.

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