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Leni Klum’s Toilet Selfie of the Day

Leni Klum unfortunately wore a tight outfit that was a black outfit, meaning we couldn’t see her giant rich kid tits, but instead she looks like some kind of theatre kid mime doing shit.

She’s posing in a fancy looking bathroom, not licking toilet seats, not taking shits, not peeing all over the place, and that seems the waste of the toilet being in the selfie, it’s like she could have taken this pic anywhere and that’s wrong.

For those of you who don’t know, Leni Klum is the bastard daughter of that old bag whore Heidi Klum, who has tits that seem bigger than our heads, which is how you’d like tits on some hot rich kid with a retired Lingerie Model of a Mother, who was arguably overly hyped with her big personality, but that doesn’t change that fact that she was able to provide for her kid in the right way, which is by feeding her hormones in her food, so that she grew tits big enough for the mom to utilize the tits to keep her relevant, you know generational succession plan….FAMILY BUSINESS.

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