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Britney Spears Reposts Creepy Naked on the Beach Picture of the Day

People seem to think it’s mean to jerk off to or make fun of people who have lost their fucking minds….but who cares what people think….

I don’t believe in mental health issues, I do think that all bitches are crazy to begin with, and the crazier the bitch the more fun they are, so I’m all about bringing the crazy…..plus when you spend time in the underbelly of society, the women you come across are all far more nuts that Britney and luckily for you they can’t function in society…so that they suck dick for cheap so they can buy drugs…while someone like Britney is rich and off in her castle somewhere being rich.

So yeah, when people think you’re crazy shaming when pointing and laughing at the crazy, thinking that it’s not real comedy to point and laugh at people, it’s just mean spirited cynicism….they don’t realize that I’m celebrating the crazy…

They also don’t realize that this is probably not even Britney Spears, but rather AI art, or some body double reprogramming our idea of who and what Britney Spears is…

She keeps revisiting old content, like take some new nudes girl, it’s not like she’s working or has anything else to do….

Now, some of her weird professional dancer with a level of mental videos complete with Satanic ritual symbolism and titty grabbing….humping the air with a pole and some falling over herself like she’s not a professional dancer, but rather a drunk aunt with diabetes at a family function after too much cake.


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