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Britney Spears Slutty Salsa Dance of the Day

There is nothing better than watching a slutty Britney Spears pushing 40 doing a slutty Salsa dance like a recently divorced 40 year old who doesn’t know what to do with herself on weekends now that she doesn’t have a husband to build her life around….You know it could be good for her, maybe she’ll meet new people, put herself out there again…20 years too late…but never too late to learn Salsa…

Only Britney Spears, despite being 40, is still hot….maybe it’s what happens when you’re held captive by your parents and never allowed to grow up, or maybe it’s what happens when you’re focused, trained, and taken care of thanks to all your money, because very few 40 year olds look this good, or this happy while clearly medicated and crying for help, they instead look way more sad, depressing, and pathetic…I mean walk to any Salsa Class on a Friday night on a weekend the kids are with the dad and you’ll know what I mean….desperation, tears and Diabetic sweat everywhere…


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Hot Old Britney Spears in Concert of the Day

Britney Spears old mom ass that is hotter than most young ass is always a nice way to start the day….because we like young asses, but more importantly, we accept the idea that we are talentless hacks and that everyone around us is getting rich off the internet porno machine, as we sit here broke ass….but that there’s always a chance that before we die, we can knock up the right stripper or hooker mom who takes it upon herself to fuck some brand deals and opportunities for our child, only to stage parent our child, and by association as the sperm donor of those children, I get rich…..like Britney’s dad…you know two weeks after their 18th birthday drop some acid in their drink and make them lose their shit publicly so that I can rope her back in….to keep earning for the family.

What I am saying is that Britney Spears brings hope….

Here she is from her social media one of her performing…and one of her showing how depressed she is, like there’s a dark cloud over her, that we can assume is her father the tyrant who makes her work and work and work, earning all kinds of money for the family, instead of letting this girl chill on her pile of money…


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Britney Spears Hot in Concert of the Day

Britney Spears using her UK accent in a slutty little outfit has made the news….

People are blaming her bi-polar disorder….

No one is giving her praise for her acting abilities, maybe tarnished by Crossroads, you know never able to outlive that garbage…

Because everyone is a fucking bully…

I mean it could be her mental disorder, she is a dancing monkey after all, highly medicated and crazy…where she just picks up on things around her and it is her way of drawing attention to herself to have her freed from captivity…

But no one is giving her props on the accent, saying it’s better than some hollywood actors, because she’s Britney Bitch, and by default a bigger star than fucking anyone…


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Britney Spears Booty Workout Erotica of the Day

Britney Spears Yoga In Tight White Shorts and a Bra

Britney Spears is hot…

Take this in old as fuck girls sagging away because you don’t take it upon yourself to let your father run your empire so that you can focus on being a medicated mindless dancing monkey….that is thrown into having sex with the trainer because at least he has a purpose to keep her fit….while disguising the workouts as romance…something the held captive all these years popstar probably misses living in the cage that is her mansion…you know girl needs to get her fuck on….so why not do it with a trainer who’s sole job besides keeping her fit is keeping himself fit enough to bang her the fuck out.

Point bing…she’s fit…and her working out brings hope that not all women die at 30, some can maintain with hard work, sure, say it’s cuz she’s rich as fuck, or not lazy as fuck because her family likes her earning, make all the excuses for being fat that you want…but what it comes down to…is that you’re just a fucking failure…while Britney keeps winning. I love it. ..

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Britney Spears is Hot in Fishnets of the Day

Britney Spears Hot Fishnets and Black Thong Strip Tease

Britney Spears is a fetish on so many levels, the most important being the whole getting away with kidnapping a woman who you can publicly put to work and make millions upon millions with, like the world doesn’t realize she’s even being held captive, cuz they are distracted by the light show….while Basement Baby or the dude the movie ROOM was based on is getting all arrested and shit and all the girls he held captive delivered was some useless inbred babies…

POINT being, if you’re going to kidnap someone do it in front of adorning fans everywhere! You’ll never get caught cuz we too busy jacking off to the costumes.




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Britney Spears Nip Slip of the Day

Britney Spears Nip Slip in Bra and Panties on Stage

Britney Spears is back motherfuckers…

I’ve been saying for the last little while, thank god her parents locked her down in the prison that is her career, and forced her to date a personal trainer, like some medicated dancing monkey who earns for them….because she hasn’t been allowed to go off the rails, get fat, or not earn for the family.

She’s a fucking empire…a massive fucking entity that pays for everyone around her…and who cares..she hasn’t self destructed and looks amazing.

All the other women her age who were performing back when she was are monsters now….

While this one…still a star…still bringing it…and is having a good old fashioned nip slip because she knows us old timers appreciate that shit…now turn on some hit me baby one more time….and get to work…this is a Britney Spears nipple and it’s the most important thing that happened this weekend.

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Britney Spears Dancing of the Day

Let’s take a minute to appreciate our girl Britney Spears in a short shorts, heels and crop top outfit, all big tittied and medicated the way we like her, doing some kind of dance we don’t need to understand to appreciate, because she’s Britney, kept in an aquarium, for all of us looking and pointing at her entire fucking life…

She brings us hope, of being mooch dudes looking for rich women to knock up like K-Fed…or stage parent dads smart enough to sell off our daughter like it was the 1800s and she was prime meat some rich guy wanted to take with him to the West…..cash the fuck in from all angles..

Plus while pushing 40, she looks fucking amazing…unlike most 40 year olds…

That’s been our Britney Spears minute of appreciation…

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