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Kait K is the Instagram Of The Day

Her name is Kaitlin K, she’s a social media influencer or nude content vendor that you’ve probably never heard of, but she has 675k followers, so she’s definitely figured out how to seduce a large group of men into watching her every move, but I don’t think that was too complicated to figure out, it wasn’t like she had to map out a strategic marketing plan or business plan, she didn’t have to go to school or train for this, she didn’t buy some youtuber course on how to make millions selling idiots get rich scheme courses, she just looked in the mirror, or down on her chest and said “these bad boys are gonna make Kait K a happy woman”…..

She was gifted with giant tits and giant tits make dreams come true so if you’re a chick with less than giant tits…it sucks to be you….but I’d be more than happy to comfort you, to let you cry on my pervert shoulder because I am into tiny tits and the failure that live with not being giant tits…my penis can relate.

Anyway, here’s Kait K doing it. She’s not important but she probably thinks she is, so that’s what it’s about.

Image Credit – Instagram

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