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Coconut Kitty Christmas Erotica of the Day

I have no idea who COOCNUT KITTY is, but she’s got 3 million followers and looks like AI, you know, artificial intelligence, some CGI, maybe some movie magic…

You may not know this, but I wanted to build a harem of fake influencers, you know since girls all look artificial now, because I figured it’d be the funniest way to get rich…my army of babes that aren’t actually real so no headaches, unwanted pregnancy or PMS…no bitching at me..and I can just pimp them out DAILY on the cam sites or wherever guilt free…knowing they have no souls…and that the people being tricked by their realistic look deserve to be tricked because they are stupid…

I do not think this girl is actually AI, it’s just a LOOK, the FILTER FACE….but I do think she’s amazing as she does CHRISTMAS the way I am sure JESUS intended when he was born in his MANGER….you know ‘ONE DAY THEY WILL MAKE CHRISTMAS PORNOGRAPHIC”….and here it is…in the softcore, hotness that SANTA, or SATAN would approve of…her name is Coconut Kitty


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Amanda Nicole Hunting for Tail of the Day

Amanda Nicole is some 6 million followed weirdness on instagram that may or may not be an avatar or CGI, because she definitely looks like she’s not quite human, but then again, that can be done through filters, fillers and photoshop/facetube, so it very well might be her…and the whole 6 million follower thing is also bullshit because you can buy followers for basically pennies…but she’s got that BLUE CHECKMARK meaning she’s verified….which funny enough is actually what these young people of social media strive for….they actually talk about being verified, or people who aren’t verified, like it’s some sort of badge of honor…because that’s how pathetic we are as a people..

Not to mention, her being verified is hilarious, because it means a team at Instagram went through content like this and said “Yep, looks legit”….you know to do their part in helping sex workers sex work….and like I said before, it’s the ugly people trying to be the hot people that get jacked off to, so at least she took her ugly and turned it into whatever the fuck this muppet looking shit is…it’s amazing and terrifying…all at the same time….


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Lauren Falls is the Exposed Instagram Babe of the Day

One of my favorite thing in life is girls…..and my favorite thing about girls….is that they all love male attention…even the lesbians…..

Even when they are hot and get male attention…it’s like a deep rooted need to be the star of the fucking show….even if the show is the bar they are at…..even if it means humiliating themselves…or getting naked on the internet…all cuz someone asks them to….

There are so many girls who I know and love on instagram and in life who just post hot naked pics all fucking day…and I have nothing against hot naked pics….I live for them….but they are doing it for some psychological gratification…..hoping to get some level of Kim Kardashian….

Like this hot chick who I follow named Lauren Falls……this is her INSTAGRAM …..but more importantly….I found out that prior hot bure really tame on INSTAGRAM ….Lauren was like all girls….

Aspiring to get noticed the easiest way….by getting naked on GIRLS GONE WILD because at the time she didn’t care and was asked to…and I guess that was like being asked to star in fucking Twilight…..

Thinking maybe it would be her big break….you know put her on the map for others to see how hot she is…..those camera lights and Joe Francis informercials are blinding….as is being the chosen one from the ghetto local bar you spend your boring life at …..and thanks to the internet….these awesome life choices last forever…..



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