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Noelia is the Instagram Of The Day

It’s another Kylie Jenner looking girl, who wishes she was Kylie Jenner, or is acting like she’s Kylie Jenner since aggressive brainwashing through marketing works.

In no real world scenario is Kylie Jenner a hot chick, but thanks to the internet she’s inspired a bunch of girls to clone themselves, to become the bargain basement version of her, to be inspired by her, to be bootleg Kyle, to be off-brand Kylie, to be a dupe Kylie….you get what I am saying….and that is that I think this girl has the instagram look because of Kylie Jenner….but she’ll deny it, she’s original and doesn’t give a fuck about what you think as she begs for likes, subscribes, etc…..

Her name is Noelia, like Christmas but different….even though the tits look like they’ve drank a lot of eggnog and the rest of her looks like she gets stuffed like a Turkey….

Image Credit – Instagram

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