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CoconutKitty143 is the Instagram Of The Day

Coconut Kitty is some digital art project by some chick named Diana Deets, who posted pics of her over-edited character with genuine celebs, because I guess she was LA based.

She seems to have even launched her own pervy cartoon, but I have no idea where that all went because she hasn’t updated her feed in over a year.

She was apparently controversial because she’d edit her pics to make her look young, but I don’t think anything about what she did is that creepy, because clearly she looks like an older bitch who edits her pics down for the jokes.

Someone apparently posted that she died in February of last year from Suicide. That the real person behind the COCONUT kitty ended it all….but I figure that’s the best way to exit your character when you’re bored of doing it.

It’d be the ideal way to end the social media peresence and to run off into the woods to live a normal life away from this shit..

Here’s some of her work…dead or not…the internet never forgets the tits.

Image Credit – Instagram

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