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Chelsea Handler Geriatric Bikini Skiing for Attention of the Day

Chelsea Handler may be old as shit, but that doesn’t stop her from producing some shitty clickbait with her literal joker face, that should get her banned from the hill and that would probably get anyone who isn’t a celebrity banned from the hill, but since she’s famous, the hill is just stoked she there producing content for them.

I have heard that she has a place at Whistler, so this may be in Canada where her weed smoking and cocktail drinking while carrying her dogs down the hill is seen as normal, but that face, that plastic face that looks like it was scared into paralysis, or maybe like it was cast and put onto a Disney animatronic, you know looking like she’s skiing a MACH speed so that her flappy ass skin pulls back so hard it makes this face make sense, but when you look at her gut and her weak skiing ability, you know that no MACH SPEED is being had….that face isn’t stuck to the top of the chairlift stretching with each turn as her body moves further and futher away from it….but instead, it’s just the product of over-mangling.

All this to say the dogs are cute, this should be seen as abuse, SHUT HER DOWN..

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