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Sami Sheen Licks Her Botched Nipples of the Day

When you watch some Apocalypse Now! as you may do when you’re just sitting around and wanting that reminder of those days back in ‘Nam since we’re all a bunch of old fucks, be sure to remember that Martin Sheen’s character goes onto have a pretty slutty grand daughter 45 years later…and her name is Sami….

So the daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards has gone a different route than you’d probably expect a third generation Hollywood baby to go, if anything she’s taken the worst qualities from her porn loving HIV ridden dad, and her porn producing wonky tit, probably sex worker passed through the industry who happened to get a few movies, mom.

Even her dad, despite his drugs and sex and porn star addiction had a pretty lucrative mainstream career as a Hollywood nepo baby, raking in 2 million an episode on Two and a Half Men, which was after a pretty successful movie career.

So some craziness must have happened for his daughter to do OnlyFans, to get her tits jacked up like her moms to make more money on the only fans, because it’s clearly not for financial reasons, but rater because she’s an exhibitionist, attention seeking pervert…

Works for me, even though I hate fake tits, I’m all about the family storyline and being there for Christmas dinner would be a wonderful experience in rich famous people being weird as shit…

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